It has been my privilege to work with adults, parents, children, and adolescents for more than thirty years. My current clinical practice focuses in two areas:

      *Parent Education & Consultation                                                                                                                             *Individual Adult Therapy                                                                                                                                            *I also lead private parent groups and facilitate Parent Peer Groups for schools in the  greater Seattle area.

     Parents consult with me when they find themselves perplexed by current challenges they are facing with their children. My goal is to provide individualized information, ideas, practical skills, support and inspiration that enriches the parent-child relationship and enhances family life.   (See Parent Education & Consultation page for additional detail)

     I work individually with adults in psychotherapy.   I view therapy as a collaborative process which builds on your existing knowledge, wisdom and strengths.  Therapy works by helping you look more objectively at your behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in situations that you find problematic. Within the process of working together, we explore the ways in which you currently manage difficulties in situations and relationships, as well as how you have managed them in the past. 

By recognizing and using your unique strengths, you gain deeper understanding of yourself and your situation and you learn to identify, develop and implement more effective strategies for problem solving.  (See Individual Therapy page for additional detail)